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Where to train in Kobido? Certified Kobido training - real kobido - Takumi Finch - Shogo Mochizuki - Kobido College - Academy of Facialists - Aline Faucheur
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The Kobido School®in a few numbers :




of satisfaction


of success






of satisfaction


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The Kobido School®:
A woman, a journey, a school
to international influence, specialized in facial massage, at the service of your professional project.

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Where to train in Kobido?The Kobido® School is the only official approved school in Francetraining with Authentic Kobido®, the ancestral Japanese art of facial massage.

The Kobido® School also trains in the new profession of Facialist, and will make you the expert in anti-aging face techniques (Authentic Kobido®, Kobido Sculpting®, Korugi®, Kansa Wand).

The Kobido School is a registered organization
under the number 75170253917
with the Prefect of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region*.
QUALIOPI certified under the number:1191 OF IND 0


The guarantee of quality training: Qualiopi

26 avenue Charles de Gaulle
17300 Rochefort 

06 43 28 06 96

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Nathalie Memeteau, passionate and perfectionist, in search of excellence, was led to train with the world's leading experts in facial massage.

Facialist, certified by the Japanese World Master,Shogo Mochizuki, (Kobido School, Japan). She is one of the rare specialists to have followed her long and rigorous teaching, and reserved for an elite of practitioners in France and in the world.

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Training atSculptural Face Lifting®
by the Russian Master, Yakov Gershkovich.

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THEKorugi®, studied at Kogao School, Moscow:
1st French certified.

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THEKansa Wand, studied at the London Center of Indian Champissage

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To perfect her knowledge, she also trained at Dien Chan'Beauté, (see video)Vietnamese facial reflexology method, with Hélène Alvanitakis, École Zen à Vous, as well as the specific "Eye Contour" technique of Hidemi Morimasa. An introduction to Chinese energy came to complete this learning...

Her mastered, unique and sophisticated massage techniques have led her to offer her know-how and to create her own School. Thus was born, in 2019, The School of Kobido®!

*This registration does not constitute State approval

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