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Good communication is essential!
Good communication is essential for the success of your business. Whether virtual or printed, it is essential for attracting customers, renewing them, reassuring them, through a powerful brand image and powerful tools that are regularly updated.

An internal communication agency!

At the end of your training and your certification, and this in order to help you start your activity in the best conditions, the Kobido School provides you with its own communication agency to respond in a targeted and specific way to all your development issues.

3 formulas are proposed to you, according to your needs and your budget:

Communication partner ZeBestCom


Become a brand ambassador
Authentic Kobido®

. Use of the Authentic Kobido® brand logo
. Dedicated and hosted webpage
on the
. 1 photo shoot** 
. 1 music video**
. 100 business cards
. 50 gift cards
. 2 stickers for signage
. 1 roll-up kakemono
. 1 publication/month on social networks
. 2 black linen massage aprons
. 2 towels + 6 headbands
. 1 Origami black linen carrying bag
(All embroidered with the image of the brand)
. 1 Master Class


*Monthly fee of 90€

**excluding travel expenses


Getting started with the right tools
Communication !


. Custom logo creation
. Showcase website design*
. Photo shooting**
. Video clip production**
. Design and printing of
100 business cards


*excluding purchase of domain name and hosting
**excluding travel expenses


Choose your communication supports
according to your needs and your budget!

. Logo design: €350 
. Showcase website design*: €2,500 

. Photo shoot**: €400 
. Production of a video clip**: €1,200 
. Business card design***: €80 
. Single-sided flyer design***: €120 
. Poster design***: €150 
. Roll-Up*** design: €150 
. Social media ad design: €120


*excluding purchase of domain name and hosting

**excluding travel expenses
***not printed

They chose ZEBESTCOM for their communication!

. logos and brand images

Kintsugi, logo, Kobido, Savoie, France, Mountain, creation
Logo creation, white and pink, CéliZen, Dieppe, France
Zaccaro, logo creation, student Ecole du Kobido, France, Versailles, Certified Practitioner
Japanese logo, creation by Aktiv Design, Séverine Héron, Facialiste
Excellence Kobido logo, facial massage, Lyon, ancestral art, red and gold, ideogram, kanji

. Websites / Photos / Videos

Website presentation, Aktiv Design creation, Rochefort, yellow, blue, facial massage
Website, created by Philippe Mèmeteau, Rochefort, Kobido Authentic Practitioner, Japan
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